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Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers Radio Show

You will recall the name Donnie Pitchford.   He's the gentleman in
Carthage, Texas who has so willingly put the Roy Rogers Radio Show
into his high school radio schedule.    
The announcement poster shown below is an honor given to him by the young lady also
pictured and student of Donnie in his broadcasting classes.  She is Grace
Tilley, an honor student and a fine Christian young person. 
Just goes to show - people of integrity do get ahead.
Congratulations to both Grace Tilley and Donnie Pitchford!!! Edit Text

Instructor Donnie Pitchford - Student Grace Tilley

Courtesy of "CHS Publications, Carthage High School, Annette Johnson, sponsor."

This is the broadcasting class at Carthage High School that does the announcing for the old time programs, including The Roy Rogers Radio Show, that aires on CHS Radio.  Donnie Pitchford, their instructor and the source of many of the voice characterizations that you hear, is pictured at the left.
Good Job, Class and Many Thanks!!